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Youth Service Bureau

A Commitment to Children and Families

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Healthy Families services:​

  • Personal home visits by a Family Support Specialist​
  • Prenatal information focusing on a healthy pregnancy
  • Child development information, development milestones, and activities to promote parent/child interaction
  • Utilizes a network of community resources to ensure families have access to pre and post-natal services and the additional support needed for a child’s healthy start
  • Developmental screenings for young children

Homebased services:​

  • Visit supervision with structured, goal-oriented, time-limited services as determined by the needs of the family.
  • Coordination with school system to monitor and improve the child’s education behavior and progress.
  • Referrals provided for intensive substance abuse, medical, developmental, psychiatric, and employment services when necessary.
  • Homemaker/Parent Aid services to address housekeeping issues, medical needs, grocery shopping, and other skills.
  • Family care services from a strengths-based, trauma-informed perspective.

Services are provided to assist in decreasing the family’s risk of the removal of their children, reduce the length of separation when substitute care is necessary, increase the potential for family reunification and reduce the recidivism of abuse/neglect. All Home-Based services utilize a strengths-based perspective, employ trauma-informed care, and seek to build client resiliency to assist clients in reaching their greatest potential.

Residential Care:​

The emphasis of the residential care program is on intensive therapeutic intervention; and maintaining and strengthening family contacts, as appropriate. Clients remain in care for an extended period of time to be determined by the referring agency, applicable agency staff, and family. Length of stay is according to the client’s and families’ needs, the client, and families’ ability to make healthy changes, and an applicable aftercare plan. The final determination on the length of stay is decided by the court.

Emergency Shelter Care (ESC):

The focus of the emergency shelter care (ESC) program is to provide a safe placement for youth with immediate need; placement in this program occurs via request from probation or the Department of Child Services. Youth remain in care for a period of 20 days, unless the placing agency requests the YSB to apply for an emergency shelter care extension. Due to the emergency nature of placements, calls are made through a referring agency (probation or DCS) and are received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. YSB staff gathers information regarding the youth and reason for placement request; determination is made via this information to determine appropriateness for the program.

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The YSB does an amazing job working with the girls and the family. They always go above and beyond what I expect!
Sara Berry
(Google Reviews)
Jun 12, 2020
I've worked with youth in the Jay county community for nearly 10 years and the YSB has be an incredible resource to help the youth with numerous things. They do an incredible job of helping families with a wide variety of services!
Grid Zurcher
(Google Reviews)
Jun 7, 2021