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Safe Place

Safe Place is a National Program that offers immediate assistance to teens in any type of crisis situation. Safe Place can help teens dealing with any type of crisis situation from family problems, abuse, bullying, substance abuse, and so much more! All the youth has to do to get help is connect with a Safe Place site!

Safe Place sites are located all over the nation for youth, and there are currently 21 sites in Jay County, ready to help any youth in need! These sites have trained employees that will be there to help and get the youth connected with The Youth Service Bureau. From there, YSB will provide the youth and family with the resources they need, whether that is shelter for the youth, counseling, or resources to help fill their basic needs!

Safe Place was started in Jay County in 2015, and since then, as of August 2021, over 8,390 youth and over 15,208 adults have been given information about Safe Place, and over 19,816 Safe place text4help and info cards have been distributed as well.

For youth that don’t know where the closest Safe Place location is, there is an option for text4help. To access Text4Help, you text the word “SAFE” and the address of your location to 44357. From there it will give the youth information about the closest open Safe Place to their location, gives them an option to text with a licensed counselor, and will give them the Youth Service Bureau’s phone number to contact the YSB over the phone!

The goal of Safe Place is for every Jay County child to know where they can get help, if they would ever need it. To help with that goal, The Youth Service Bureau is always looking for more Safe Place sites, opportunities to present, and donations to help with outreach efforts and care. If you would be interested in helping Safe Place, by becoming a site or allowing The Youth Service Bureau to come present to adults or children at your business or organization, please reach out to The Youth Service Bureau at 260-726-8520. The Youth Service Bureau would love to talk with you about it and get you involved! If you would like to help Safe Place out by sending in a donation to help impact a child that uses Safe Place, and help YSB continue to do outreach throughout the county, you can stop by or send your donation to:

The Youth Service Bureau

Attn: Safe Place

603 W Arch St

Portland, IN


For more information about National Safe Place, visit their website at (link opens in new tab).

Safe Place Locations

We appreciate all of your help and support!