Youth Service Bureau

Children In The Middle
This program was developed for the divorcing parents with minor children. This is an educational program, designed to help parents help their children. Click HERE to read more about our Children in the Middle Program.
Behavioral, Academic, and Social Education: a program focusing on youth in Randolph County (Grades 7-12) who have struggled behaviorally, academically, or socially in the public school system. Click HERE to read more about our B.A.S.E. Program.

Thanks so much to the Randolph Community Foundation for their continued support of the BASE Program. YSB was able to purchase needed items for BASE Students. Many BASE students have some added socio-economic barriers. Items such as shoes, shirts, pants, socks, undergarments, recreational equipment, and personal hygiene items were able to be obtained with this grant. Thanks again to the Randolph Community Foundation for helping meet the needs of disadvantaged youth within the county!

Community Corrections Services
This program addresses needs regarding clients involved with County Community Corrections agencies. Proposed services are Substance Use Assessments, Substance Use Treatment, and Thinking for a Change. Click HERE to read more about our Community Corrections Program.
This program is offered to Jay County students pending expulsion, suspended students, those at risk of being suspended and/or expelled, and students who are at risk of not graduating. Specific processes will vary for each student based on individualized case plans and needs, but each will build feelings of competency, usefulness, belonging, and empowerment, all critical elements to preventing juvenile delinquency. Click HERE to read more about our K.A.R.S.S. Program.