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Children In The Middle

Children in the Middle is a program that was developed for divorcing parents with
minor children. The judges of Jay and Blackford County’s Superior and Circuit
Courts have determined that all divorcing parents with minor children attend the
Children in the Middle program.

This program is NOT designed to encourage reconciliation or to interfere in any way with the parent’s efforts to dissolve their marriage or to separate. This is an educational program, designed to help parents help their children


Attendance is required by both parents; however, those who wish may request they be registered in separate classes.

The program consists of two sessions (A & B), two hours each and must be completed within 60 days after filing for divorce.

A certificate of completion will be mailed out to the parent and the court when both sessions have been successfully completed.


The Cost for both sessions and materials is $70 and must be paid by cash or money order only. Payment MUST be made prior to your first session.


Children in the Middle classes are available by appointment on scheduled Saturday’s and Tuesday’s. Contact the Youth Service Bureau for dates, times
and registration information.

Contact/Referral Information:

Contact the Youth Service Bureau to register for Children in the Middle.

Phone: 260-726-8520
Fax: 260-726-8535