30 Binders Passed Out At Patriot Prep Camp!

On July 9, the Youth Service Bureau was able to set up on Kids Day at the Jay County Fair! We were set up in the Farmers building with kindergarten readiness binders that have activities, such as learning letters and numbers, shapes, colors, time, and so much more! We were also able to provide books and flashcards alongside the binders. It was a privilege to watch the kids get excited over the opportunity to spend more time with their parents learning! Parents were also very appreciative of the binders and the activities provided in it. Regardless of the rainy weather, we were able to give out 30 binders to families! We do still have some binders leftover. If you are interested, please stop in at the Youth Service Bureau office at 603 West Arch Street in Portland, Indiana. We do plan to set up at another event within the next month to hopefully give out the rest of the binders to families!

Thank you to United Way for funding the entire Patriot Prep Camp Program and thank you to the Jay County Fair for allowing us to be a part of Kids Day!

Safe place

Safe Place is a national program that assists youth in crisis. Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention
program for youth under 18 years old. It is a national program, with 32 counties in Indiana participating. In Jay County,
there are currently 16 sites! These sites include: The Youth Service Bureau, Jay County Jr-Sr High School, Westlawn
Elementary, Redkey Elementary, East Jay Elementary, JRDS, Portland Fire Department, Portland Police Department,
Portland Pizza King, Jay County Retirement Center, Jay County Sheriff Department, Pennville Library, Dunkirk City
Building, Dunkirk Police Department, Bearcreek Trustees office, and Bryant Volunteer Fire Department. These sites are
trained to be able to help youth, that may come in needing help!

When youth finds themselves in a crisis, homeless, or with nowhere safe to go, they can rest assured that Safe Place
can give them the help they need. When a youth enters a Safe Place site, the training employees take them to a private,
safe area and then will get an idea about what is going. From there, they will call the Youth Service Bureau to inform
them that they have youth in need, and the staff at the Youth Service Bureau will tell them what staff will be coming to
the site to help the youth. Once the Safe Place Coordinator gets the site, she will get more information about what is
going on at home, and will help get the youth resources they need. If the situation is not safe for the youth to return
home, they will be offered a place to stay at the residential home, until things are figured out at home and it is safe to
return home. If the youth decides they want to return home that nights, their parents will be called and brought in, and
resources will be given so that next time the youth feels to be in crisis, they will not feel the need to run away again