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Behavioral, Academic, and Social Education

This program is focused on youth living in Randolph County in grades 7-12. BASE students use online courses through Edmentum and earn equivalent credits from the school they are referred from. BASE students develop conflict resolution skills, self-awareness of emotions, self-confidence, and alternative coping skills. Base students also develop some specific life skills such as money management, healthy hygiene, pursuing employment, and responsibility.

Eligible Clients:

  • 5 local Randolph County School districts purchase specific slots for students to attend the BASE Program. A school may purchase additional slots that are available if not utilized by other schools.
  • Students that are expelled or suspended from their school are able to still attend our program
  • All students are at-risk and often have Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s).

Program Information

The BASE Program has supportive funding through grant issued from the Randolph Community Foundation for the past five years. Due to these generous contributions we have been able to purchased needed items for the BASE students. Many students in the program come from low-income homes. Each student receives a personal hygiene totes with deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, body spray, and hair care items. In addition to these items new shoes, shirts, pants, socks, underwear, hoodies, belts, billfolds, and watches. BASE students also participate in recreational activities.

Recreational items have been able to be purchased to use during physical educational. Some recreational equipment was specifically purchased to create some new experiences for BASE students and also is specifically designed to strengthen communication, increasing collaboration, and building teamwork.

Each BASE student meets with a bachelor’s level Behavioral Coach for 45 minutes once a week. Additional support is given as needed or requested by the student. The BASE Behavioral Coach is there to attend community outings and volunteer experiences with the youth in the community, assist the students with schoolwork as needed, and implement procedures to facilitate positive changes with students.

The YSB Counselor is on-site 18.50 hours or more per week. The BASE classroom is presently equipped to accommodate 10 students which are required to meet weekly with the BASE Behavioral Coach. GRIC also has morning and afternoon alternative school students that are able to request to meet with the BASE Behavioral Coach. This is offered in accordance to the students individual needs.

 Proudly Supported by the Community Foundation of Randolph County