Residential Care Kings Island Trip

During the summer months we try and plan special recreation activities for our residential youth. One recent activity was a trip to King’s Island. There is something very special about introducing youth to fun experiences that they may have never experienced before. This is truly one of the best parts of the job here at the YSB! On this particular trip, two of our youths had never been on a roller coaster before!

The morning of the trip we started very early in the morning. We left the Residential facility around 6:30 am and then went to Scott Bissell’s house where he generously fixed everyone breakfast! After everyone had their fill of breakfast we continued on our journey to King’s Island. We arrived just as the park was opening. After a quick discussion, the group decided to start the day with the Diamondback rollercoaster. Both residents who had never been on a rollercoaster before were a little nervous about the height of the ride but it did not deter them. After the ride was over one of them shared that they thought their heart stopped on the way down! This resident went on to ride every coaster in the park. The other resident, who also enjoyed Diamondback, was more strategic in which rollercoasters they rode for the remainder of the day.

As mentioned we were able to ride every rollercoaster in the park and a couple of them we rode twice. We spent the day riding rides, eating some good food, and then watched fireworks along with a drone show as we closed the park down! Despite being a very long day, the youth had a great time and the staff who attended had an equally great time with them! I wish we were able to share the actual pictures of our youth that day as a picture really does say a million words!

Thank you to all our supporters who help make these trips and experiences possible for our youth!

PJ Corwin
Executive Director

Photo Gallery