Jay County High School: Prom Night

This year the YSB had a youth who had the opportunity to attend prom and go on a week-long trip with the school!  These were both exciting events we don’t get to participate in all the time, so everyone was more than happy to help make this happen for our youth.  There were many plans made and executed along the way, and we want to thank everyone who contributed. 

First, thank you to Jay County Junior-Senior High School for providing the prom ticket and for working with our youth and YSB to make sure they could be included in both events!  Cowpokes in Anderson, IN graciously agreed to donate a new pair of cowboy boots, to accommodate the wardrobe wishes of our youth.  Heidi Bouse, the Business Manager for YSB, ordered and donated the boutonniere.  Dawn Milligan, our File Review staff, secured funds through her church, Willow Tree Ministries located at 722 West Main St in Portland to purchase clothes for prom.  We were able to get a tux for the big event!  The Elks Lodge in Portland provided free pre-prom dinner for any prom attendees who chose to go there for dinner.  In addition to all of these wonderful gestures, many staff members stepped up to help out as well.  Big shout out and much gratitude to Erika Limbert, the YSB Case Manager who ran our youth all over east central Indiana to gather all the goodies together and ensured all the plans in place would work.  Thanks to Erika Huntsman and Abi Walker who helped our youth get ready for dinner and prom, took some fantastic pictures at local venues, and also provided his transportation to and from prom. Thanks to Anna Coronato, who provided extra staff support so coworkers could make sure our youth made it to and from the extended school trip!

It is with the deepest of gratitude that the Youth Service Bureau and our youth thanks everyone who helped make this happen!  All too often our youths are unable to participate in these memorable events due to life circumstances which makes it even more important that we were able to work together to provide our youth with these opportunities.  Thank you all, again, for all of your caring and hard work.


Heather Hall
-Residential Program Director