Winchester, IN – Donations and Volunteering

Relief efforts are ongoing for those affected by the tornados in Randolph County.

To find out how to assist with these efforts, please visit the Randolph County Foundation website (

On 3/25/24 our youth in the residential program volunteered at the Winchester Moose Lodge with sorting and handing out donations for the families that lost their homes in the recent tornado. Our residents assisted with sorting the items and marking out barcodes. 

However, their favorite part was being able to assist those who came in with finding the items they needed. One of our residents assisted an elderly lady in finding various items such as canned food, dishes, and clothes. He helped her try on various coats until she found one that fit her properly. While he was helping her they had an opportunity to talk a little bit and get to know each other. He then helped her load her stuff in the car and they hugged and wished each other well. He stated that he never knew volunteering could be so amazing! He shared that he was eager to do it again to keep meeting amazing people while being able to give back to a community in a positive way. 

Our residential kids have not always had an opportunity to see the value in community and helping other people. They all agreed that it was a meaningful experience that they would remember for years to come.

– Erika Limbert, Residential Case Manager

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