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Outcomes can be quantified, progress can be measured. The families and children we work with each have a right to expect responsive services that help them develop skills, overcome difficult issues, and assist them in building stronger foundations. For over a decade, the Youth Service Bureau of Jay County, Inc. has taken part in the IARCA outcomes project. This project set forth the goal of tracking client development from beginning of service to end and even beyond. These outcome measures are about continually improving the responsiveness and effectiveness of service each client receives.

Below you can view our read our Outcome reports, these will be updated as they are made available.  Click on the links below to view the reports.

        2015 Provider Report

        2013 Outcomes Summary

        2013 Residential Care Provider Report

        2013 Emergency Shelter Care Provider Report

        2013 Home Based Services Provider Report

        2013 Day Treatment Provider Report

        2013 Residential Care First Follow-Up Report

        2013 Residential Care Second Follow-Up Report

        2013 Home Based Services First Follow-Up Report

        2013 Home Based Services Second Follow-Up Report

        2013 Day Treatment First Follow-Up Report

        2013 Day Treatment Second Follow-Up Report